Traveling and discovering small towns with character

Savannah, GA – prettiest small town in South East

Things to do in Savannah, GA by SavanAHH!Many ask what my favorite small town is. After traveling for 9 years and discovering many places around the States, I can certainly tell that Savanna, GA is one of my top-3 favorite cities. It is a small town located in the East coast in the state of Georgia (about 4 hours away from Atlanta).

Savannah is full of history, colonial architecture, moss covered oak trees and southern hospitality. And there are so many things to do in that town: walking tours, ghost excursions, beach getaways, culinary trips, etc. Any type of traveler can find something to do in Savannah.  Located in the south, Savannah cuisine is also very typical to its location.  According to SavannAHH! [] it is also a very green town with many parks and historical squares well preserved for the visitors. If you like beach, Tybee island is easily accessible by car or a shuttle bus. This island, facing the the Atlantic ocean provides quiet and peaceful escape from everyday life and is also one of the best places for honeymoons or romantic day trips. Many tour companies offer fishing and dolphin viewing excursions – something definitely worth checking.

The high season in Savannah is spring and fall. Winter is relatively chill and summers tend to be very hot and humid. However, there’s not bad time to visit this pretty town in Georgia simply because you can always find something to do or various places to see while there. Hope you can go there and experience the beauty of the South yourself!

How to Choose the Travel Scooter for Your Needs

scooter to travel in small townsTravel scooters are seen as very convenient transportation means for people looking to have an easy to handle journey experience. Now it doesn’t matter if you plan traveling for larger distances or within your city of residence, there is always a design and style of travel scooter to comply with your needs. The things from below will indicate you what is there to take into account when you plan on purchasing this vehicle for your traveling needs:

* Make sure that you define the purpose of using this scooter. This means that you need to know how frequently you plan on using this vehicle.

* The same should be said about the whereabouts of using this vehicle. Do you plan to use it within your city as a transportation means when you go to work? Are you planning to ride this scooter on weekends in any of your outdoor activities?

Many people who are fan for fishing or spending their leisure at picnics with friends choose the travel scooter alternative for being able to move with more flexibility in the peak days of the week when everybody else is engaged in other outdoor activities. With the help of a travel scooter you can move at your ease between the cars and avoid crammed areas within the city.

* Another thing to look for is the design of the travel scooter. If this one is planned for outdoor leisure activities, you may need to purchase that design where you have room to store your weekend luggage. Many designs are created to help scooter riders to carry their stuff when they plan camping outdoors or go fishing.

* Another thing to take into account is the physical condition that you are into. Many disabled people are searching for their travel scooter which allows them to have more mobility without being confined to a wheel chair. These days there are scooters to combine both wheel chair and scooter features for people who are disabled and are need of moving with more mobility for their daily needs. The features are varied with every new design that you come across: various speed levels, accessories to come with the specific design and so on.

* Check with all the available designs that can bring the desired comfort to your travel scooter. You can also look for these designs online but before you actually purchase it, make sure to find out more about their comfort feature. In this respect you can go inside any of local stores and test the scooter for the comfort feature. Take a seat in any of the models and find out which one provides the best this feature for you. This is very important especially if you plan to travel for longer hours while being seated on one of these travel scooters.

* Let’s not omit also here the different types such as the ones with two, three and four wheels. The ones with three and four wheels are probably the most favored for their stability feature and extra accessories they are designed with.


Top Three Beaches in Puerto Rico

Top Three Beaches in Puerto RicoClaims alone do not lure and despite the best charms being the property of unexplored sites there are somehow those which hit the zenith with a set of grandeur. Puerto Rico the unincorporated territory of the US in the north eastern Caribbean and west of Virgin Island of both US and British is truly virgin in the sense that the best of beach spreads is waiting for the exploit.  Standing to mean ‘rich port’ equivalent for Spanish and so richness scattered along its entire length and breadth its beaches along the periphery are the tone and euphoria for visits.  While necessarily factors like beauty, facilities, transport, popularity, access, activities, ambiance and vista have a lot more to tell on the significance of spaces and in special the beaches there are but top three of among them earning to fulfill the reputation of the most excellent.

Flamenco Beach, Culebra offers the best for any summer with blue tinge skies and pure sea water.  Offered the honour of the being the one in the thirty secret islands globally the natural beauty is extolled in sands, trees, paths, cover, mounds, reefs, and green mountains carrying the calm and crystal clear waters back and forth to make it pleasant for all the definition of beauty can carry.  According to Puerto Rico Tips, Luquillo Beach is also equally popular in that it is a day beach best enjoyed for reasons of showers, kiosks, camping, parking, gazebos and in particular holding facilities for the disabled who also have reasons to enjoy.  The spacious coast is also not less in aquatic exercise or practice sports for bands and teams aiming to feel the real energy inside serenity.

The goodies from the Caribbean palate inside kiosks is for the appetite and marked one of four in blue flag classification of best beaches it is revelling in luxury. Escambron Beach, San Juan the oldest and the most frequented Beach with hotels, restaurants and being the best recreation for children is for families willing to spend their time for the cost of it.